Russell Square thrusts: soul held on surmise of murder

Man, 19, held at south London police station after attempt in which one girl expired and five other people were injured

A 19 -year-old man is being held on thought of slaughter after a woman was killed and five other people were injured in multiple stabs in central London.

A man was apprehended at the vistum after police stupefied him with a Taser, following the attack, which began at 10.30 pm on Wednesday in Russell Square, near the Imperial Hotel and the British Museum.

The suspect is at a south London police station after receiving treatment in hospital.

The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said: Mental health remains a substantial focus for our investigation.

Britains most senior counter-terrorism patrolman, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, also said early reports were of the view that mental health also contributes. Scotland Yard removed remarks to terrorism in the second largest modernizes, saying it was preventing an open attention as to the motive.

Hotel guests described hearing calling from the square below, while witnesses to the aftermath assured a figure lying on the storey as armed police scrambled to the vistum. Other accountings were of the view that the attacker had a motorcycle helmet.

Police forensic officers at work in Russell Square, central London, after a knife attempt in which a woman in her 60 s was killed. Image: Yui Mok/ PA

Two women and three males tolerated numerous injuries in the accident and were receiving treatment in hospital. Three were discharged on Thursday morning.

The incident in the popular tourist neighbourhood ran amid informs about the near-inevitability of a terrorist attack in the UK, following a series of incidents across Europe and the Middle East.

One woman described experiencing a being near the vistum in motorcycle garb with a helmet on top of his head.

Philippa Baglee, “whos” London to celebrate her 60 th birthday, was strolling past Russell Square when “shes seen” a group of people seeming down at the soil.

There was someone lying on the soil and lots of people around, and a person with a pitch-black motorcycle helmet offset on top of his head walking around, she said.

A figure container move away from the crime vistum in Russell Square. Image: Justin Tallis/ AFP/ Getty Images

He was on the outside of everyone seeming on the soil. The instant I assured an ambulance and patrol car arrive, I thought someone had just been knocked off their motorcycle.

Asked to describe the man, she said he was short and dressed in what she thought was all pitch-black leathers. It was all very calm. No one was panicking, Baglee said.

The investigation into the stabs, understood to have occurs on the eastern side of the square, was being led by slaughter detectives on Thursday with the support of counter-terrorism officers.

The neighbourhood in London where the stab occurs on Wednesday night. Image: Guardian

Hogan-Howe said: My believes are with the family of the status of women who was murdered and those who were injured. A ordinary darknes out in our busy capital has ended in horrific circumstances.

Our investigation is moving very quickly and our detectives have been working hard in all areas of the darknes. As we have already made clear, mental health remains a substantial focus for our investigation.

Hogan-Howe said specialist firearms officers were on the vistum in six times and detained the subject applying simply a Taser.

Their swift response definitely helped to prevent more people from going injured, he said.

Across our capital today you will see more police officers, armed and unarmed, to reassure the public after recent events overseas. We will keep our capital and persons living, job and see our city.

Armed police officers patrol at the vistum of a knife attempt in Russell Square in London. Image: Neil Hall/ Reuters

Police received the firstly call just after 10.30 pm and various further bellows were made by members of the public between 10.30 pm and 11.30 pm.

Britains most senior counter-terrorism patrolman, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, said early reports were of the view that mental health also contributes. Scotland Yard removed remarks to terrorism in the most recent modernizes, saying it was preventing an open attention as to the motive.

Rowley addressed the media just after 3.30 am outside Scotland Yards headquarters.

Early manifestations propose mental health issues is a significant factor in this case and “thats one” major route of probe. But of course at the present stage we should continue an open attention viewing motive, and therefore terrorism as a motive stands but one route of probe for us to explore, he said.

The Associated Press (@ AP) August 4, 2016

RAW VIDEO: 1 dead and 5 other injured in London knife attack. https :// NafAUnovtU

Rowley said there would be extra police patrols on Londons streets following the knife attempt. These would include armed officers and were intended to reassure the public.

The UKs terrorism threat level remained at severe, meaning an attack was considered to be highly likely.

As a precautionary measure, Londoners will wake up this morning to find an increased existence on the street of officers, including armed officers. We would counsel the public to remain calm, notify and vigilant, Rowley said.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, called for the public to remain calm and vigilant. The police were doing an incredibly difficult job, the mayor said, adding that the safety of Londoners was his number one priority.

Khan said his middle proceeds out to the victims of the incident in Russell Square and their loved ones after the deaths among the status of women, who has not been identified but is believed to have been in her 60 s.

A police forensic patrolman at work in Russell Square after the knife attempt. Image: Yui Mok/ PA

Officers cordoned off the neighbourhood overnight and were stopping people penetrating Bedford Place, merely off Russell Square, where the suspect is believed to have been arrested. Forensic officers wearing protective clothings examined the vistum. Most cordons were promoted on Thursday, with one part street close still in place.

Witnesses described how armed police flooded the neighbourhood after the two attacks and officers launched a large cordon to seal off the square, where a forensics tent was later received.

Paul Hutchinson, who watched the aftermath, told Sky News: Russell Square was all videotapeed off by armed police and there was a body on the storey.

There were loads and loads of armed police, lots of police cars with flares on, got a couple of ambulances and the body on the storey.

Police officers stand near a forensics tent. Image: Neil Hall/ Reuters

A caller to BBC Radio London, named Paul, said he had been to the nearby Bloomsbury cinema with his girlfriend when he came across the scene.

We ran around the corner and there were armed police everywhere a massive police existence and a body lying in wall street covered in a covering, he said.

We went into the bar across the street and the officers came to interrogation us We didnt actually see anything, but some people in the bar saw something.

Additional police were immediately deployed in the area, which is frequented chiefly by students and tourists. Along with the British Museum, the University of London and University College London are very close by. There are numerous inns and restaurants in the area, including Hotel Russell and the Imperial.

Russell Square is a huge garden-variety square with a fountain in the middle and a cafe, and is very busy during the day. Russell Square tube depot is located merely off the square and the area is a primary thoroughfare for buses.

The garden area is often locked at night and would have closed at about 8.30 pm. It was not clear whether it was still open when the stabs has just taken place, or whether they has just taken place within the square itself or just outside.

A statement from the London ambulance service said: We mailed a number of staff to the vistum, including four ambulance crews, a responder in a gondola, an advanced paramedic and two officers.

susanna cappellaro (@ SuzieCappellaro) August 4, 2016

Thank you so much @metpoliceuk for being so fast, caring and efficient tonight in #russellsquare. I am a resident and I certainly thank you.

A medical crew of a medical doctor and paramedic from Londons air ambulance also attended by gondola. Our first faculty arrived at the vistum within seven minutes.

Sadly, despite extensive medicine, one girl was declared dead at the vistum. Our faculty also plowed a further five people who had been injured during the incident, three men and two women, who were all taken to hospital.

Earlier on Wednesday, Scotland Yard had announced the deployment of an extra 600 armed officers in London following the recent terrorist attack in France and Germany.

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